Georgia’s EMCs: Protecting our Members’ Investments

By Tim Martin, President & CEO, Carroll EMC  Since we were formed as a not-for-profit electric cooperative in 1936, Carroll EMC has been a source of growth and stability in West Georgia. We deliver reliable and affordable energy and we support our communities through charitable programs. Recently we announced an exciting new partnership with SyncGlobal […]

Carroll EMC Warns of Utility Scammers

Carrollton, GA—Carroll Electric Membership Cooperative urges Members to be on guard for scammers claiming to be your electric cooperative. As many electric co-ops resume utility disconnections, consumer-Members are increasingly being targeted by utility scammers – particularly scammers who are threatening immediate disconnection, knowing many Members have past-due accounts due to COVID-19 hardships. Phone scammers are […]

Carroll County Ag Center Warns of “Unsolicited” Seed Packages from China

“Unsolicited” seeds originating from China are being delivered to residents through the United States Postal Service (USPS).  Residents from several other states including, Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, and Washington State have reported receiving suspicious packages of seeds. This practice is known as agricultural smuggling and the packaging is often […]

Keep the Boredom at Bay

Fun Summer Activities for the Whole Family By Sandra Bolan Pandemic. Social distancing. Flattening the curve. Respirator. Ventilator. Coronavirus. Quarantine. Shelter-in-place. Contact tracing. These are just some of the words and phrases COVID-19 has added to our everyday language. Now, you can include virtual tourism. You get to jet-set around the world while avoiding the […]