Reader Testimonials

Testimonials From West Georgia Woman Magazine Readers

Do you offer a mailing list for your magazine West Georgia Woman? Our Special Collections department here at Ingram Library at the University of West Georgia would like to add it to our collection. Thanks so much.
-Melissa Farley

I enjoy your magazine tremendously and would love to get the hard copy because I like to reread the articles and the recipes you have in the magazine. Could you please tell me where I can go to get a new copy and when does the magazine come out. For example once monthly or bi-monthly. Thank you very much and may you be blessed daily.
-Melissa M.

I love this magazine. Tears of joy flooded my eyes when I found the edition of Cassie Wright. She is such a loving person with such strength and endurance. Then the next issue sharing the journey of Wynn McBrayer and his family was amazing.
-Beth B.

I just wanted to thank you for giving “Birth” to such a great publication! I will be looking forward to reading the West Georgia Woman magazine. I also signed up for the digital version. Again … thank you so much. I will be sharing the news with all of my friends.
-Michelle L.

I saw an electronic copy of your magazine on FB and wondered how I might subscribe? I live in Tallapoosa. I am really excited about this project. Do you have an advertising pamphlet, too? I might be able to do some advertisement in 2016. Congrats on the launch and I wish you success with this!
-Sara A.

I would just like to say that I am a big fan of the magazine. I first came across your magazine at my doctor’s office. Since then I have kept up online and loved every bit of it. The stories you share are not only amazing but also give people hope in fulfilling their dreams. West Georgia Woman magazine teaches us to live a life filled with joy and also shows us how we can give back.
-Heather A.

I have attached my resume and portfolios for your review. I am well connected in the community and would love to offer my writing skills to your beautifully crafted magazine. I have a passion for all things women and youth related.
-Regina W.

I just wanted you to know that I picked up your magazine at a local Texaco, and was so very impressed! I love that you are highlighting inspiring women in Carroll County and the surrounding areas! I would like more information on how to be featured, or how to advertise.
-Amy A.

I love, love your magazine!

Congratulations on your beautiful publication. It continues to surprise me, each month since its inception. This month, I see beloved Dr. Fred Richards! Last month, you worked with Steve and Sharon at West Georgia Ambulance. It is exciting to see these pillars in our community being celebrated.

With Best Regards for Continued Success,
-Denise C.

Great job! Picked up your magazine at my allergy doctor’s office. Was very impressed. Found a couple of other issues there and read them all. The next day I picked up latest issue at my Publix in Carrollton. Thanks for a very impressive addition to our community. I look forward to the next issues. A 70+ woman from Carrollton says kudos to you and your staff. Keep it up!
-Carol B.

Greetings from Alexander City, Alabama! I love your magazine and I believe it would be a great venue for ads to reach a great target audience for my website and for those that travel to Lake Martin. Could you send me your rate card or let me know what I need to do to get more info?
-Stephanie S.

I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying the magazine in its entirety! To focus on the successes and lives of women in our area is wonderful! I read through it each time, thinking “I know her….I’ve seen her somewhere before…Where have I seen her…etc” I also find all the info beneficial! But this latest edition (March), it was the best!! Just wanted to say “Congratulations!! You’re doing a great job!!”
-Michelle H.

I really enjoyed your magazine. It’s very uplifting and empowering for women
-Diana A.

I am very much enjoying your magazine. I too am from the area and have so much enjoyed reading your promotion of women and their success within our dear community–what a wonderful idea
-Alison H.

Thank you for doing this for West Georgia!
-Mary B.

Thank you, I love it! I’m hopeful we will partner with you, be involved or support your efforts! Bravo!
-Marilyn F.

I recently found your magazine, in my library, in fact, and really enjoyed reading it! Keep up the great work!
-Mary Kate K.

Best wishes with your magazine, let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
-Steve C.

I am convinced that more advertising and products need to be addressed toward women – such as banking, autos, and other “male perception” activities.
-Galen H.

Congratulations on a very nice publication.
-Jami B.

I was at Publix a little while ago and picked up a copy of your April issue. Another well-done, high quality publication — a rich mixture of content and aesthetically awesome!
-Mary T.

I love your magazine! Congratulations to you!
-Alisa D.

I’ve heard nothing but great things about your magazine.
If you are ever in need of someone to do any freelance writing, please let me know.
-Chauntis F.

Love your magazine and how it positively represents the the women in our community.
-Beth B.

I truly enjoy reading West Georgia Woman. Thanks for a great publication.
-Theresa S.

I enjoy reading every issue of your West Georgia Women magazine.
-Rebecca S.

I picked up your magazine in the Dr. office in Bremen and was looking at it and took the magazine home with me. GREAT work and you certainly have a talent for writing and definitely putting such a publication together. I have signed up for on line copy. Great stuff and very interesting.

CONGRATULATIONS ……. on your success.

Thank you,
-Linda W.

I am a small business owner and I would very much like to advertise in your magazine. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you! I love your magazine.
-Darcy R.

I just finished reading the Man Issue cover to cover. Good job. Found it at the office at Carrollton Parks & Rec.
-Wendy C.

You created a stir with the “man” edition. Good, fun feedback.
I was at the beach with our son and family last week when it hit the stands and the first person I heard from was our daughter, Katie, in Mozambique, Africa saying she loved it.
I had not even told her about it. Your magazine is going international.
-Daniel Jackson (One of our features in August 2016 “The Man” issue)

Hello. As a follower of the WGW magazine, I wanted to reach out to you and recommend an amazing woman who I think falls right in line with the people I have seen featured in your wonderful magazine. She loves her community and seeks ways every day to serve it. She exemplifies the type of strong loving woman so many of us strive to be. Thank you for taking the time to read about my wonderful friend and coworker!
-Crystal T.

First, let me say I LOVE your magazine and look forward to the edition every month.
I find it very uplifting and encouraging.
-Lytisha F.

I have enjoyed the good reads.
-Paul S.

You’re doing a great job and all of the women in our women’s ministry leadership group at church are fans as well.
-Melissa M.

Hi, I wanted to tell you, congratulations on your magazine. I really enjoy picking up my copy at Kroger. It is so informative and you have some interesting articles. I picked up a copy this morning, and couldn’t wait to see the article on Jay Gill, as someone had posted it on FB and Fred Richards, what a remarkable man. I wish you continued success.
-Charlene M.

I saw your August magazine at the doctor’s office this morning. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Can’t wait for the next Man issue.
-Dee Dee M.

Good Morning! I saw the Man issue and loved it! I’m friends with several of the gentlemen you chose to feature and love the idea!
-Mindy B.

Your magazine is super exciting and reaches the demographic that I need to reach, and your prices are reasonable for what you get in return.
-Alan K.

I really love your magazines. I saw Karen after her article ran and told her how much I loved the dog therapy she does!! What a great idea!! We have rescue dogs too, but taking in seniors one at a time is a fabulous undertaking. What a great heart!
Thanks again!
-Tammy M.

Great! I love the magazine and enjoy it, so great job!
-R. Lovelace

I love your magazine!
-Jackie P.

We need your kind of magazine. It keeps us in touch with people in our community right here at home.
-Barbara M.

I’ve been reading your magazine for several months now and it is a fabulous publication, really beautiful! It’s good to have such a wonderful resource in West Georgia. Congratulations on your great success, and thank you for giving West Georgia a publication that is not only beautiful, but also full of interesting, well-written stories. I especially enjoyed your article about Karen Vance. I’ve known her for years, but still learned new things from your story!
-Sally R.

I wanted to write to say “thank you” to you and your AMAZING staff on a job well done with the West Georgia Woman publication.

I have truly enjoyed reading my copy each month and look forward to receiving each new edition.

As you mentioned in your anniversary letter – “as women in this world, it is difficult to accept praise for a job well done, and often we are taught at a young age to downplay our accomplishments.”  Thank you for not downplaying your accomplishments with this one.
-Dana W.

My Weight Watchers leader has been sharing Habiba Shaw’s articles with her meetings, and she wanted a hard copy of it. I shared the digital copy with her. Your publication is first-rate.
-Robert C.

I so enjoyed reading your article in the Anniversary Issue of West Georgia Woman. I could relate to your story because I used to work in an office full of women and they did some really horrible and cut-throat things to each other out of hate and jealousy. I’m so glad you wrote that story. Most people wouldn’t have the courage to share what you did, but the sad thing is that many people have been in the same position or have seen exactly the same thing in their own work environments. What those women don’t realize is when they did that to you, they gave you more power than you could have imagined. I believe God had this magazine planned for you when you were going through that awful time in your life. I applaud you and thank you for sharing your story. Your magazine is the best thing that has ever happened to West Georgia!
-Mary D.

I felt compelled to let you know what an awesome achievement you’ve made and I’m proud for you. I just read your November issue of West Georgia Woman. I actually have read several and they were great. I am happy for you. You’ve made the magazine a great success and it’s motivational to see that you turned a hurtful negative into such a great positive for yourself, as I’m sure everyone realizes. Happy Thanksgiving.
-Michelle W.

My youngest son picked up my copy of the November WGW & read it cover to Cover!! He loved it! You have yet another fan! Thank you for bringing this great Magazine to our community.
-Jacqueline D.

Great magazine. Love the articles.
-Sandy S.

I read the November issue yesterday. What a great comeback story, Angela.
-Stacey B.

Love it! It just keeps getting better and better! Congratulations to you and your team! I am so happy for you.
-Kathy Y.

You are doing a fabulous job!
-Jennie E.

Happy Anniversary!
-Marcia F.

So happy you’re going strong!
-Rachel D.

I just saw your story in your magazine and I just want to tell you how proud I am of you, and just rejoice that you’re back on your feet and doing well. Again, I just wanted to tell you that I was very pleased to see that, and just overjoyed. Be blessed.
-Mark S.

I want you to know that I can’t wait to read your magazine every month. I tell every woman I know how wonderful it is and that this is a magazine I read from cover to cover. Every story inside is interesting and informative. I love your magazine so much and I look forward to picking up my copy every month.

I am a big fan of the West Georgia Woman, and I enjoying reading the interesting articles and seeing whats new in each edition.
-Melissa H.

I wanted to tell you how wonderful I thought the feature article on Ammie in February was. It was well-written and I so appreciated that the entire focus was on her and not her attacker. More so, I really thought the emphasis on this as domestic violence was crucial because often, I believe, there is misunderstanding about domestic violence and people forget it’s about any family or household members, not just couples.
-Sara A.

This story was amazing!!!! (February 2017 issue on Ammie Beamon) Thank you for sharing!
-Jo R.

I’m a big fan of your magazine. Such thoughtful profiles and great diversity too.
-Mimi G.

I love the magazine! I recommend it and look forward to every issue.
-Tiffany C.

I picked up your December 2016 issue at the doctor’s office – the one with Babbie Mason on the cover and I want you to know this magazine has literally changed my life. I am a recording artist who didn’t know who to reach out to in order to further my career. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.

Thank you for the powerful stories that you feature each month in the West Georgia Woman Magazine. I am so inspired!

Thank you again for sharing such beautiful stories of hope each month.
-Johnnie P.

I look forward to keeping up with your magazine from now on. I am so happy that I saw it at the doctor’s office in Villa Rica.
-Erin S.

I was introduced to your West Georgia Woman magazine when I picked up a copy at Gallery Row. It was the Anniversary Issue with each team member’s personal story, and I read every one. You should indeed be proud of them and of your publication.
-Gil R.

I have enjoyed perusing your magazine.You have done a beautiful job putting it together.
-Hallie H.

I’m a reader and love your magazine.
-Gerry C.

I wanted to see how much it would cost to run an ad in your awesome magazine. Thanks!
-Nicole S.

I was wondering how we might could advertise or be featured in your magazine. Thanks so much.
-Brandi G.

I have enjoyed perusing your magazine. You have done a beautiful job putting it together.
-Hallie H.

I look forward to keeping up with your magazine from now on. I am so happy that I saw it at the doctor’s office in Villa Rica.
-Erin S.

I am a fan of your magazine and appreciate hearing all about the amazing woman in our community!
-Anne L.

I enjoy reading all the features of interesting women in your magazine. I think you all do an amazing job capturing the hidden treasures in these women.
-Kris R.

Celebrate your vision for the magazine, your courage to take a risk, and your hard work to keep making the vision a reality! At least once or twice every week I hear comments about how much your magazine is appreciated by members of the community!
-Mary E.

I enjoy your magazine and I’m still trying to get everybody to read honey – put the computers down and read the magazine. Love you Angela. I love your work and I always will. Thank you very much Angela and have a good day.
-Mary D.

I just read your May (2017) issue and I was very impressed. Thank you.
-Ruth W.

Love the magazine!
-Kristy P.

Good afternoon, Ms. Dailey!
I am a counselor in private practice and I want you to know that some of your magazine articles have made a positive impact on some of my clients! Keep up the great work! Thank you SO much for your positive contribution to society!!!
-Nicole W.

Angela, so proud for you and the success of your magazine. I just love reading the information you provide. Keep up the great work!
-Donna N.

I would like to find out the cost of advertising with you. I love your magazine. Thank you.
-Darcy R.

Hi Angela, I was greatly impressed with your publication. Keep up the GREAT WORK!
-Jim C.

I have been enjoying West Georgia Woman regularly and appreciate your continued commitment and work.
-Terra F.

You’ve given voice to an assortment of other women who have risen above their own personal hardship and trauma. Your
magazine and your determination have enabled so many to understand that they, too, can move forward with their lives – regardless of whatever befalls them in life. You are truly a force to be reckoned with in any setting – and an inspiration in this community (and beyond).
-Anne R.

I’m writing to inquire about the possibility of having a client of mine featured in West Georgia Woman. Is there some type of submission form available? I’d love to learn more. You have a lovely publication!
-Sunny K.

I have been reading this magazine for as long as it has been in the community. I have always gotten copies of the new issues and tried to spread your news as soon as you all publish one.
-Audrey S.

Having moved here last year, I was intrigued by the magazine I happened to see at a physician’s office.
-Sheryl C.

Hope the magazine is doing well. It is enjoyable to read.
-Jim R.

I absolutely LOVE your magazine!!
-Johnetta L.

Ms. Dailey, I am an avid reader of your magazine. I love it! You really talk about real-life issues and I appreciate that so much. It’s good to have answers to things. A lot of people don’t dig for answers to things, but you talk about real things and I appreciate that so much.

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and the time and energy you dedicate to your magazine. Thank you so much for everything you do.
-Wanda M.

Really liked what I saw. Kudos!
-Cheryl F.

The lady, Dawn Dininger – a phenomenon herself! I hope other readers found the story about her – with photos – as interesting as I did. Thanks for introducing her to me.
-Ruth W.

You knocked it out of the park. From cover to cover. Beautiful. LOVE!
-Jennifer S.

I commend you for the wonderful, good and thorough article that you did with your magazine on Ruth Wilvert. I’ve enjoyed the magazine immensely. Thank you so much.
-Rita M.

I have a wedding dress I want to donate. I loved the article you had in your magazine recently & I know Sandra Wilburn. She is a precious jewel. I want her to have it.
-Kay D.

I think it gives such great visibility to so many women in the community, and really stresses the strengths of the women you feature. I know that I repeatedly hear good things about the magazine.
-Sara A.

A couple of weeks ago I called and requested the West Georgia Woman magazine because a dear friend of mine, Mrs. Wilvert, was highlighted in the magazine. I wanted to let you know I received the magazine and I enjoyed it immensely. I thought it was a wonderful article, and I want to praise you and your staff for that because she is, by all means, a great lady. So, again my sincere thanks to you and your staff for a wonderful job and I will sincerely cherish that magazine for as long as I live. Thanks again and have a happy holiday.
-Teri W.

Angela, I love you and I love your magazine. It just makes my day to pick up West Georgia Woman. Since my husband passed, your magazine is the only thing that keeps me strong and feeling empowered. Women are strong and have power. I don’t think you realize what you have done for our community by giving us this magazine each month.
-Mary D.

We don’t know how you do all you do, but we are so thankful for what you do for our community through this magazine each month. You and your team/family remains in our prayers, we wish you much love, peace, and abundance.
-Johnnie P.

Input from readers regarding September 2016 and 2017 issues – Faces of Suicide

First, let me say how compelling the September issue is! I have read it cover to cover, cried, laughed, prayed, and have become more educated with the issue of suicide. My eyes and heart are more open to this problem! Thank you, thank you for sharing your heart. I can’t imagine the pain, emotions, and healing that you have felt during the process of producing the issue. I commend you and thank you again for your hard work and dedication!
-Katie K.

I read every article in the magazine and it really helped me. Especially the one that the woman said she was there when it happened and it didn’t make a difference. For all these years, I thought that had I been there, I could have saved him. Thanks again for the magazine, I read it every month. If I can ever help you, call me.
-Brenda P.

I was so moved by the publication.
-Larry S.

I was reading through your September publication and wondered if we might be able to use some of what you published in it to provide as handouts at our event? Specifically, the pages with “Know the Warning Signs Of Suicide In Youth Up To The Age of 24” and adjacent page and “Youth Suicide Fact Sheet” and adjacent page? Please let me know if this is agreeable.
-Ann P.

It’s a true labor of love. I hope people will pick up this issue for the sake of curiosity and learn so much more than they could imagine about suicide, grief, and prevention.
Bless you! You’re doing great work for the cause. YOU are making a difference!
-Terri J.

So hard to read. A great service to those affected and those who aren’t.
-Dee Dee M.

I have been reading the new issue on line. I love it and can’t wait to get my hands on a paper copy! Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work on this issue.
-Judy T.

I picked up the September issue at Publix about an hour ago. Haven’t had time to read much, but can tell you’ve done a beautiful job, as always.
-Mary Ellen T.

I lost my nephew to suicide September, 2012. It’s still hurting our family today and we all have the same questions, why and how could I have stopped it? I’m glad you took on the story, not easy but it is an epidemic that seems to affecting so many young people.

I really enjoy the magazine. I’m giving this Sept. issue to each of my family members. My brother, at age 54, died by suicide after a rollercoaster ride (multiple failed relationships, drug dependency, difficulty finding/ keeping work) of life. A few of the stories in Sept. issue really hit to the core. I appreciate the work you do to keep up awareness.
-Karen L.

Hi, I just wanted to tell you I am new to Coweta county and picked up a copy of West GA Woman at the library. It was the September issue I think and its focus was on suicides and the impact they had on the survivors, etc. I found the stories extremely compelling and heartbreaking, but I learned a lot about a subject that is too often not talked about or still taboo in this culture. It has definitely made me more aware of this issue among young people and more compassionate towards people in general.
-Lori L.

I appreciate articles such as this. My mother was a suicide. You are never the same when it happens to you.

I started a ministry with a crisis line for suicide prevention. Thanks for your recent September copy of The Faces of Suicide.
-Charlotte F.

I live in Connecticut and my daughter lives in Georgia. I read your West Georgia Woman magazine from September 2016 about suicide and I was very touched by it. I’m hoping I can get your permission, I would like to see about having our local paper put some information from the magazine in our paper. I think it’s awesome what you’re doing here. Thank you.