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We Engage. We Inspire.

We Cultivate a Cohesive Community of Women.

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West Georgia Woman magazine is a voice for and about the women who live and work in West Georgia.

We are an award winning publication whose mission is to engage, inspire, and cultivate a cohesive community for all women in West Georgia by sharing real stories about the exceptional women in our community.

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“Since the beginning, West Georgia Woman has been lightening in a bottle. The number of calls based off our ads consistently leads the pack when compared to our other advertising efforts.”

Kim Ashby MacColeman, NG Turf Marketing Director

(NG Turf uses a separate, dedicated phone line for each of their media partners to track marketing effectiveness.)

“I have advertised my construction business and my DJ services in the magazine and not only does it work, it has brought me — dare I say — ‘quality’ customers that are a joy to work with.”

Richard Turnbull, UK2U