August 2020

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  1. Wonderful article. I am a proud supporter of Mill Town & it has added so much enjoyment to my life. My husband Charles was also able to be part of MT till his death in 2017. I still buy tickets for 2 seats & ask friends or my son to attend with me. The first year we met a couple who immediately connected with my Charles. Charles was very outgoing & we continued seeing these new friends at the concerts. A bit later our friends married each other. Cathy & Robert Redding even came to my husband’s funeral in Smyrna, Ga. I do not know if Robert is related to Randell, maybe he is! When my son & I attended the recent Oak Ridge Boy’s Concert, I was saddened to see that Cathy had died & this made me so sad. I also saw Randell in a wheel chair but did not know of his diagnosis. In closing I know that Mill Town Music concerts have added so much to my family’s life. Thanks to Randall & Teena & all who work with this wonderful venue. My love & prayers to th Redding family.

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