Adorable Sock Easter Bunnies

Photo by Zachary Dailey, Dailey Life Photography


Two pairs of colored socks 

1 pair of white socks 

Googly eyes 

1 1/2 small bags of rice (2 bunnies)

Ribbon in two colors

Glue gun 

Glue sticks



Fill 3/4 of the sock with rice and tie off at the top. 

Using your hand, squeeze the sock 1/4 of the way from the top. 

Shape a lemon-sized head and tie off with the ribbon.

Untie the top and cut vertically from the top of the bunny down to 1-inch above the head. 

Tie the two cut ends from the top of the sock to form the ears. 

Cut the nose, belly and teeth of rabbit from the colored sock scraps and the white socks. 

Glue the googly eyes, nose and teeth to the head.

Glue the bunny’s belly to the front of the bottom part of the sock.