Puppy Love Valentine

Photo by Zachary Dailey


Red, pink, white and black construction paper

Black craft paint and small paintbrush or marker

Hot glue gun or school glue stick




Cut a large heart-shape out of the pink construction paper.

Cut the pink heart in half for the puppy’s ears.

Cut a large heart-shape out of the red construction paper.

Glue the red heart upside down to the two pink halves.

Cut two small hearts out of the white construction paper for the eyes. Glue those right-side-up to the red heart.

Cut one small heart out of the black construction paper for the nose. Glue heart right-side-up in the center of the red heart. 

Cut a tongue-shape out of the leftover pink construction paper for the puppy’s tongue. 

Paint or draw two dots on the white hearts for the eyes. WGW