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How to Say Thank You to Your Bridal Shower Guests with Favors

By Shala Hainer

When your friends and family spend their time, energy and money throwing you an amazing bridal shower and attending with gifts in hand, giving them a small token as they leave shows how much you appreciate them. Bridal favors aren’t expected, so they are always a nice surprise. 

The bridal shower favors can be crafty, tasty or funny, so let your personality shine through in the gifts you offer to your bridal shower guests. 


Add a personal touch to the bridal shower favors by making them yourself. Bath items are popular and simple – make a body scrub, for example, by mixing essential oils of your choice with 1 cup of sugar and a ½ cup of olive or coconut oil, and package them in cute jars or other containers. Scented bath salts are even simpler – just mix plain Epsom salt with essential oils, adding some food coloring if desired. 

Create your favorite recipe mixes to give to the guests, packaging them in cute bags or jars. Ideas include cookies, hot chocolate, dry seasoning rubs, chili, brownies, pasta or muffins. Attach the recipe instructions on cute paper with ribbon. 

Match Your Colors

Giving gifts that tie directly in with your wedding ensure your guests will always remember where the gift came from. One way to give favors that reflect your special day is to use the colors from your wedding. Give a small, colored bud vase to each guest, perhaps filled with a couple of daisies or spray roses. 

Picture frames also work well – if you can’t find the right color, opt for plain wooden frames from a craft shop and paint them. This adds another layer of fun to the day because you can take a photo with each guest, then send them the print to add to the photo frame after the shower. 

Candles are a more traditional choice for a favor, from small tea candles to larger jarred candles. These come in a variety of colors, so choose a not-to-heavy scent in a color that matches your wedding shades. 


Living gifts keep the memory of your special day alive, and tiny plants make ideal favors. Cute succulents are easy to care for, or give flowers that match what you will carry in your bouquet – if you plan to carry red roses, for example, give a small spray rose plant. Other ideas include small sunflowers or herbs in containers that will sit on a kitchen windowsill, or seed packets that let the guests grow their own plants at home. 


Small, tasty bites make adorable bridal shower favors. Individually wrap the treats and attach a reminder of the wedding date on a cute card. 

Wrap a couple of chocolate covered strawberries in some cellophane, or grab a few gourmet cookies or donuts for your guests. Other simple ideas include chocolate dipped pretzels or cupcake-sized bundt cakes. 

Labels and Signs

Everyday items become clever bridal shower favors when you add a label and a witty sign to them. On the signs, leave a little room to handwrite a quick thank you, or at least to sign each one personally. 

For example, if you decide to give nail polish to your guests (perhaps a color that would coordinate with your wedding colors), tie a sign that says “Mani thanks.” “Cream of the crop” works well with travel-sized hand lotion, or give individual-sized wine with the sign, “Sip, Sip, Hooray!” Local honey, or a special kind of honey such as sunflower, makes a sweet gift, especially with the label, “Meant to Bee.” WGW

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