Setting the Perfect Holiday Table

You invest time and money planning the perfect menu for your holiday gatherings each year, so it’s important that you give your delicious cuisine a beautiful presentation that is worthy of your efforts.

The following tips for setting your dinner table will elevate your holiday meal from a delightful dinner to a fabulous seasonal soirée.

Decide on a theme. Do you want a traditional table setting with reds, greens and golds? Or, are you hoping to create a more modern theme with plenty of white and metallics? Once you make a decision on the theme for your table, that is when the fun begins.

Lay the perfect foundation. Once you’ve decided on a theme, choose your placemats, napkins, tablecloths and table runners to match your color scheme. Beautiful linens will lay the foundation for the perfect holiday display.

Include natural components. Use berries, fresh fruits like apples, green pears, cranberries, pomegranites or deep red holly berries to accent your table. Incorporate eucalyptus, olive or evergreen branches to your design. Use these branches as decorations or combine them into long garlands to place along the center of your table.

Use berries or fresh fruits to accent your table

Add a touch of sparkle. Metallic vases or votive holders, pine cones or nuts spray painted gold or silver can add an element of sophistication to any holiday table. Use spray painted pine cones as placeholders for your table.   

Add a touch of sparkle and set the perfect glow

Set the perfect glow. Lighting is one of the most important elements in a table setting. Candles set an inviting tone of warmth, charm and drama. Use votives, tapers or pillared candles to create the effect you want to complement your theme.

Extend the festivities outside of the table. Add elegant touches to your chairs by adding simple decorations such as a small holiday wreath or tasteful ornament strung on a festive ribbon and looped over the back of the chairs.

Your flatware, dishes and glassware shouldn’t outshine your menu. These should be kept simple and elegant.

Keep dishes seasonal and simple. Opt for dishes with a cream or basic white background that have traditional holiday accents if you’re using a deep colored tablecloth or placemat. Try dishes with solid deep colors to complement a light colored tablecoth or placemat. Layer a smaller, holiday accented plate on top of your deep colored dinner plate to add an eye catching element. Your flatware should be simplistic as well. Use basic flatware with no heavy designs or embellishment. Keep your glassware multi-functional and simple. Use stemless wine glasses for water, soft drinks and wine.

Add some height to your holiday appetizers, dinner and desserts

Add some height to your holiday appetizers, dinner and desserts. If you’re using a buffet or sideboard to display your food, stack books on top of one another at varying heights and cover with a tablecloth. Place each of your serving platters or dessert trays on top of a different stack.  Height will add a dramatic and interesting effect to your dinner party.

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