Snack Healthy, Lose Weight!

Choosing healthy, whole-food snacks packed with nutrients and protein can be integral to losing weight when food cravings hit.

Keep these nutritious and healthy options within your reach to help control your appetite and assist with weight loss. Always consult with your primary care physician before beginning any diet program.

Hard-boiled eggs. Eggs are one of the best foods you can eat for weight loss. They are packed with protein and vitamins B12 and K2. Given a bad rap for years due to their cholesterol content, recent studies have shown that a moderate intake of eggs does not have an effect on the risk for heart disease. 

Beef jerky. This is a fabulous snack that is high in protein. However, it’s important to choose jerky that isn’t loaded with preservatives, sugar and questionable ingredients. Buy beef jerky that is made from grass-fed beef instead of grain-fed beef, as the grass-fed variety contains healthier omega-3 acids than its counterpart, and purchase jerky that doesn’t have an abundance of added ingredients.

Turkey roll-ups. Turkey is a quality protein snack that helps you burn more calories during the digestive process, preserves muscle mass and helps satisfy hunger longer. Place one cucumber or a pickle strip on a slice of turkey breast with one teaspoon of cream cheese for a delicious snack packed with protein. Four of these roll-ups are only 180 calories and contain around 20 grams of protein.

Fruit. Choosing a healthy snack doesn’t have to be complicated. A single piece of fruit such as an apple, banana, orange, grapefruit or strawberries can be amazingly satisfying.

Mixed nuts. Although nuts do have a higher fat content, they keep you full for longer. They also provide the perfect balance of fiber, healthy fats and protein. Numerous studies have shown that a moderate intake of nuts can help with weight loss, may reduce the risk of heart disease and can help with the prevention of depression, some types of cancers and other diseases.

Greek yogurt with berries. Greek yogurt is a wonderful source of potassium, calcium and protein. Pair it with antioxidant-rich mixed berries for a delicious snack that’s packed with nutrients. WGW

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