Top 2020 Wedding Trends

By Shala Hainer

Wedding trends help you add a personal timestamp to your special day, reflecting where you and the groom are in your personal love story at the moment you join your lives together. Although not every trend fits your style, adding in the ones you love brings pieces of the new decade to your ceremony and reception. 


Caterers report that in 2020, cuisine inclusiveness is the biggest trend, especially in ways that maintain the photo-worthy trend of the past few years. It doesn’t exist if it doesn’t end up on Instagram, right? So many couples are steering away from sit-down dinners with only two options and instead moving toward buffet-style or heavy hors d’oeuvres. 

These spreads stray from the traditional – think charcuterie boards, vegan dessert options and make-your-own bowl creations, such as burrito bowls or Hawaiian poke bowls. This trend allows guests to pick and choose what works for them based on their dietary preferences or needs.

Also trending is creating experiences for guests instead of simply serving food and drink, to make sure guests who want more entertainment can enjoy it, and so they feel more included in the celebration. Things like mixology lessons and olive oil or wine tasting stations help bring guests’ tastes and hobbies to the table for a more interactive and memorable experience.


This generation of brides keeps the environment in the forefront, and this year, the trend is to use options that focus on sustainability. In some cases, this might mean using biodegradable disposable plates at the reception rather than plastic ones, or opting for farm-to-table, locally sourced food choices. 

Florists say the new trend is to use only flowers that are in season, or simpler bouquets that can be reused as centerpieces by simply dropping them in vases on the tables. They are also asked to create arrangements that can be donated to facilities like hospitals, nursing homes or churches after the wedding.  


Colorful weddings are trending this year, including mixing colors, or adding unexpected pops of color. Pastels are popular, with a slight twist – instead of a true pink, a color called cassis is trending, which is between a pink and a purple, for example. Yellow tends to lean toward the darker, more earthy tone, and the trending blue is more of a denim. Neo mint green also tops the favorites list for 2020. 

Many brides are mixing patterns, such as gingham, buffalo check, stripes and florals. The color palettes in the patterns must coordinate, but the patterns themselves play off each other in the wedding décor as well as the clothes of the bridesmaids and groomsmen.  


With letterboards being all the rage on social media, couples are incorporating them into their special day in fun and memorable ways. As part of this trend, the napkins and pieces of the slideshow often include similar messages. 

For example, if there’s a Mexican food station with tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole, a sign might read, “You guac my world.” A sign at the bar could say, “Drunk in love.” In front of the wedding cake, place a sign saying, “I do,” and in front of the groom’s cake, a matching sign with, “I do what she says.” Some signs are simply cute, such as, “This way for love, laughter, and happily ever after.” 


In 2020, puffy sleeves are back in style for bridal gowns – think Princess Diana with a modern twist. Other trends include ball gowns and lots of lace, bringing back a more vintage feel. Also popular are patterned gowns, such as delicate florals, as well as well adorned jumpsuits – these have all the embellishment of a traditional gown, but with the convenience of pants instead of a skirt. Some jumpsuits have a train or a rear overskirt to add a traditional feel to the trendy pants design. 

The guys are trying something new for 2020, as well. Instead of traditional black, grooms lean toward navy or other shades of blue. Many are letting their personalities shine through in big ways, such as with a shiny silver jacket, or in small ways, such as colorful socks or bold, eye-catching shoes. Some are mixing colors with their groomsmen’s jackets, just like many brides mix colors with their bridesmaid’s dresses. 

Whatever trends you decide to incorporate, remember to stay true to who you are – if you prefer strictly traditional or classic styles, go with your heart. The trends will move out next year, but the memories of your wedding day stay with you forever. WGW

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