Breaking Destructive Relationship Patterns

By Sandra Bolan It’s Friday night and instead of spending it with your significant other, you’re spoon-deep in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey that’s being chased down with a bottle of Prosecco, while you watch Bridget Jones’ Diary for the 100th time. While you oscillate between Team Darcy and Team Cleaver, you […]

Keep the Boredom at Bay

Fun Summer Activities for the Whole Family By Sandra Bolan Pandemic. Social distancing. Flattening the curve. Respirator. Ventilator. Coronavirus. Quarantine. Shelter-in-place. Contact tracing. These are just some of the words and phrases COVID-19 has added to our everyday language. Now, you can include virtual tourism. You get to jet-set around the world while avoiding the […]

Holding on to Hope and One Another in a Wounded World

By Fred Richards-Daishi, Ph.D. Here’s the scene. It is 1916. The German army is launching a gas attack against the Russian defenses. A moving wall of yellow fog envelopes the Russian troops. The German infantry advances, breaks through the barbed wire barriers and then disappears. The winds shift and both armies are engulfed in the […]

Five Most Common Relationship Problems Solved!

Ask any couple what they argue about most, and you will most likely hear the same topics over and over again. Money, household chores, work stress, technology and sex are some of the most common relationship problems.  These issues can be so damaging to relationships that, if not dealt with properly, they could result in […]

Learning to Love Yourself

By Cheryl Francis We are approaching the day when everyone wonders if they matter enough to be someone’s Valentine. Some people may be asked out on dates, others may be given flowers and candy and others may simply be reminded that they matter through some other type of loving gesture.  Then, there are those who […]

The Art of Being Kind to One Another

At the beginning of a relationship, there is usually moonlight and roses, romantic dinners by candlelight and lots of love and laughter. Doing nice things for each other was so effortless, easy and enjoyable. Fast forward a few years, and the relationship looks nothing like the idyllic utopia it once was.  Take a moment to […]

Uniquely You

Creative resolutions for the New Year The new year is here, and you have probably been pondering on some things you would like to change about yourself, or your circumstances this year. Perhaps you want to eat healthier and lose weight. Or, you want to break a habit that is controlling your life. These goals […]

New Year, Same You … Only Better!

With the New Year here, you’ve probably heard the phrase “New Year, New Me!” several times. Most people desire to make monumental changes in their lives this time of year, such as paying off debt, eating healthier, traveling more or losing weight.  No matter if we believe in New Year resolutions or not, this is […]