Makeup Wake-up Call!

By Shala Hainer

If there is one set of photographs you are likely to look at the rest of your life, it’s your wedding photos. While you should plan carefully for several pieces of bridal beauty, including the dress, your hair and flowers, keep your makeup at the top of your list of must-haves. Your makeup can help you project a warm glow in your photos that reflects your inner joy of your special day. 

Instead of trying something completely different with your makeup, spend some time prior to the ceremony trying various makeup styles and colors. If you’re hiring someone to do your makeup, schedule a test run before the wedding to make sure you’re both on the same page. If your dress is white, wear a white shirt to the test run so you can see how that color affects the makeup shades. Take some photos during the test run to see how the makeup looks in photos, too, so you can be overjoyed with your professional photos the day of the ceremony. 


Anxiety might be high on your wedding day, so consider a foundation that eliminates shine in case your temperature starts to rise. A long-wearing foundation can give you the peace of mind that your makeup will look perfect until the reception ends. Have someone keep some powder handy throughout the evening for gentle touchups as needed. 

Eye Makeup

One word: Waterproof! Even if you’re not the crying kind, the emotions of that day might get the best of you. Definitely go for waterproof mascara, and choose long-wearing, water-resistant eyeliner. A primer on your eyelids helps your eye shadow stay in place as well. 

Long eyelashes, especially on the top, help open your eyes in photos. Try a few types of mascara to find the one you like the best, or opt for false lashes – professionally done so they will stay in place. 

Choose eye shadow that gives your eyes dimension, without choosing dark colors that can make your eyes appear closed or heavy. Also, using a lighter color along the brow lines helps make your eyes appear more open.

Your Lips

Long-wearing lipstick is a must! But beware super shiny glosses – some cause too much reflection in flash photos, in particular. Stick to a semi-gloss or a light matte lipstick instead. Just like with the powder, have someone keep lipstick handy for touch-ups as needed. Consider using a tooth-whitening product a couple of weeks before the wedding, and test your lipstick after you have completed the tooth whitening so you know exactly how your smile will shine. 

Stick to a semi-gloss or a light matte lipstick.

Other Tips

Try to drink lots of water for the weeks leading up to your wedding. Fully hydrated skin is fuller and healthier, and that will reflect in the photos. Also, choosing simple, traditional styles give you a look that will last through the years in your photos. If you opt for something trendy, like glittery eye shadow, your photos might look dated as years pass. 

When you’re putting on your makeup, wear a button-up shirt so you don’t have to pull it over your head. And give yourself enough time to do your makeup – at least 45 minutes is ideal. This will help keep makeup distractions and your stress level to a minimum so you can focus on what’s important – starting your new adventure with the person you love. WGW

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