Alice Park Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Upgrades

Two deteriorating wooden pergolas that had been in Carrollton’s Alice Park since it was built 20 years ago have been replaced with new, upgraded metal structures. “The pergolas were in bad disrepair,” said Randall Eidson, detail officer/project manager for the Carrollton Police Department. “Vines had overcome them so we cut back the vines and tore […]

Top 2020 Wedding Trends

By Shala Hainer Wedding trends help you add a personal timestamp to your special day, reflecting where you and the groom are in your personal love story at the moment you join your lives together. Although not every trend fits your style, adding in the ones you love brings pieces of the new decade to […]

The Right Way to Ask for Honeymoon Donations

By Shala Hainer Wedding etiquette is a fluid thing, ever changing as the needs of brides and grooms change. Technology has made a huge impact on that as well – it’s now quick and simple to request money instead of physical gifts, and for friends and family to send money electronically rather than mail a […]

The Dress of Your Dreams

Say yes to the dress without all the stress By Shala Hainer Whether your dream dress is a fluffy, white Cinderella ballgown or a short, fitted sheath, picking just the right dress comes with a multitude of challenges.  Finding the right dress starts well before you ever step foot into a bridal shop – do […]

Creative Appreciation

How to Say Thank You to Your Bridal Shower Guests with Favors By Shala Hainer When your friends and family spend their time, energy and money throwing you an amazing bridal shower and attending with gifts in hand, giving them a small token as they leave shows how much you appreciate them. Bridal favors aren’t […]

Hidden Gem

Brides Strike Gold with Spectacular Wedding Venue By Shala Hainer Besides the dress, choosing the wedding location is one of the most difficult decisions brides face. But couples don’t have to travel far to find a versatile venue suitable for weddings of different sizes, tastes and budgets.  Pine Mountain Gold Museum, a park owned and […]

Show Me The Money!

Who Pays for What? By Shala Hainer The wedding expenses often seem overwhelming, on both sides of the aisle. Although traditionally, the bride’s family absorbs most of the cost of a wedding, the groom’s family has responsibilities as well.  It’s worth a conversation very early in the planning process where both families sit down and […]

Makeup Wake-up Call!

By Shala Hainer If there is one set of photographs you are likely to look at the rest of your life, it’s your wedding photos. While you should plan carefully for several pieces of bridal beauty, including the dress, your hair and flowers, keep your makeup at the top of your list of must-haves. Your […]